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    “Kidult” is a word composed by kid and adult. It is used to describe those adults who still take care of their child side. They like living with fun and discover new and interesting things from daily life. 25togo Design Studio holds the spirit of “Kidult”, trying to design products with fun and interests discovered from life experiences and childlike ideas. We expect to provide a different life experience for consumers, and design products that are not only good-looking, but also funny and interesting. We hope to make designed products much friendly to consumers, and to change the invariable life to be lively.

  • Albin Sadar

  • Amy Ansong

  • Anthony Petrie

    Fred took Anthony Petrie off the street and offered him dignity and a minimum wage job. Anthony rewarded Fred's charity by designing the best-selling Cool Shooters, and then abandoning him for a Fortune-500 desk job where he has an iPhone, his own personal ping pong table, and a harem of personal assistants. Anthony knows we're keeping the light on for him back here at Fred & Friends...

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