• Amanda Lefebvre / Key Accounts Coordinator

    In addition to coordinating key accounts I am an all-around Girl Friday in the office. I don't know what that means really, but Fred says it's good. On my time off from Fred & Friends I can usually be found enjoying the beautiful weather that little old RI has to offer, excluding Winter!  I also love being a new mom!

  • Carl Mitsch / Designer / Soothsayer

    Since joining the Fred team in 2007, Carl Mitsch has had tremendous fun creating art for the marketplace with the rest of the Fred studio. He lives in sunny Providence with his family, where he spends his free time researching clandestine methods of household de-catting. Look for his upcoming book: "I Will Show You All: A Sociopath's Guide to Giant Robot Construction" at booksellers and machinery auctions near you.

  • Dee Martel / Chief Bean Counter

    I am a displaced Texan living in New England and I have had the pleasure of working at Fred and Friends for 23 years and have enjoyed almost every minute.  I am the numbers girl here at Fred and Friends and although numbers are not all that much fun I do find a way to have as much fun as one should be allowed in life!! I enjoy antiquing, travel, working out, and spending as much time as I can with friends and family.  I am also a big sports fan.....I love the Red Sox, the Patriots and of course the Cowboys and the Spurs (once a Texan always a Texan!).

  • Fred Roses / Head Fred

    I have to admit it’s fun being Fred. I get to work with a great team here in the office; I travel all over the world to visit suppliers and trade fairs and mangle native languages and customs; I play all day with new product ideas, samples, and packaging designs; I partner with a lively network of designers, contractors, suppliers, and customers everywhere; I still live in my beautiful home town of Providence, Rhode Island and I can actually ride my bicycle to work most days (when there’s not a foot of snow on the ground). Life is good!