• Beer Bites

    “Serve pretzels and other pub noshes in the beer bottle-shaped porcelain dish.”

  • M-Cups

    “She'll want to leave the Fred & Friends M-Cups out on the countertop. They even double as snack containers.”

  • Handlebar

    “Jimmy Buffet may wish he had a pencil-thin mustache, but a Handlebar corkscrew may be the next best thing…”

  • Cakewich

    “Take another look at this sandwich. It's actually a cake! The silicone Cakewich pan turns out a cake shaped like a big chunk of bread.”

  • Lil Shaver

    “Put a mustache on your baby's face – and a smile on yours – with this silly, eye-catching binky.”

  • Calf-n-Half

    “A sight gag backed by solid craftsmanship, Fred's handmade double-walled glass creamer pours the humor on thick.”