Fred Salt and Peppers(7 results)

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    DAILY GRIND Pepper Grinder

    Daily Grind helps you serve your pepper with a side order of charm. »

  2. SALT & MAGIC Magic Wand S&P

    Here's some hocus pocus for humdrum dinners. »

  3. SALT & PEEPER Birdy Shaker

    This little peeper just wants to please. »

  4. SALT & POWER Battery S&P

    Energize the flavor at the dinner table with these D-cell replicas. »

  5. SALT ‘N PANTS Salt & Pepper

    This spicy little guy dispenses salt from his head and pepper...from his pants! »

  6. SALT-M Matryoshka S&P

    If you're looking for the pepper, well, just look inside the salt! »

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