Products Designed By Winnif Pang

  1. BANANICE Ice Pop Molds

    There's only one way to make ice pops more a-peeling - make them banana-shaped! »

  2. BOOZ FOOS Drink Stirrers

    Replay your heroic foosball exploits with Booz Foos cocktail stirrers. »

  3. SWEET TOOTH Cupcake Molds

    Toothy silicone cupcake holders are guaranteed to make everyone smile. »

  4. 500XL Desktop Speakers

    Sometimes bigger IS really better, especially when it comes to sound. »

  5. VENICE Gondola Ice Tray

    'O, sole mio! What's more romantic than gliding down a Venetian canal? »

  6. TALK BUBBLE iPhone 5 Case

    That new iPhone cost plenty...keep it safe and sound with the magic power of bubblepack! »

  7. STUCK UP Magnet Set

    These chewy little fridge magnets are dead-ringers for the real thing. »

  8. FISH STIX Party Piks

    Are you a picky eater? Perfect! These spiky fish picks are the ideal way to take… »

  9. SNACK ‘N STACK Utensil Set

    The silicone handles of »

  10. SLINKY DRINKS Worm Straws

    Turn a gummy worm into a reusable straw? YESSS! »

  11. SCRUBBER DUCKY Bath Brush

    Scrubber Ducky, you're the one. »

  12. SHARP ACT Knife Sharpener

    It's the perfect set-up... »

  13. SALT & MAGIC Magic Wand S&P

    Here's some hocus pocus for humdrum dinners. »

  14. CRUSHED! Bottle Opener

    Anybody can crush a beer can on their forehead. »

  15. NOMSKULLS Cupcake Molds

    Knock 'em dead with these four stylish silicone skulls. »

  16. CITRUS SAW & Bottle Opener

    Cold beer and lime wedges go together like Joanie and Chachi. »

  17. IDLE HANDS Salad Servers

    These salad servers are happy to just sit there twiddling their thumbs until you put them… »

  18. iSTRIKE Match Stylus

    When inspiration strikes, take note! »

  19. ICE PRINCESS Sippers

    This unique ice tray creates magic wands fit for a fairy princess »

  20. HOOKED Keyring/Coin Holder

    This handy little keychain is truly the catch of the day! »

  21. SPIN UPS Magnets

    Pinwheels make everything more fun... »

  22. FREEZE! Handgun Ice Tray

    Is your drink packin' heat? »

  23. FOSSIL FOOD Cupcake Molds

    Turn dessert time into an archaeological adventure. »

  24. BOT-L Robot Sports Bottle

    Hydration is his mission, conservation and reuse is his message, FUN is his style. »

  25. FOSSILICED Ice Trays

    Need to dig up a clever party accessory? »

  26. DRINK DIVERS Bubble Straws

    Bubble-blowing is one of the forbidden pleasures of being a kid »

  27. CRACKED UP Mug

    Do you fall to pieces until your first coffee? »

  28. CRACKED UP Colander

    Embrace imperfection! »

  29. CAKE CANDELABRA w/candles

    Now here's something that really takes the cake...our Cake Candelabra is a show stopping, jaw dropping,… »

  30. CHILLBOTS Robot Ice Tray

    Maybe it's time to kick back, relax, and chill. »

  31. MR. BONES Skeleton Ice Tray

    Mr. Bones knows how to chill. »

  32. BONEHEAD Folding Brush-Comb

    We've combed through the Cretaceous to come up with just the thing to keep your hair… »

  33. ROBOTTLE Corkscrew

    Meet RoBottle, the sommelier of the future. »

  34. OCTEAPUS Tea Infuser

    The tentacled tea infuser. »

  35. POPPIN’ HOT Oven Mitt

    Poppin' Hot is a visual tribute to one of mankind's greatest achievements - bubblepack! »