a handy little spatula

Uh, oh. Have you been caught sticking your finger into that irresistable cake batter again? Next time, don't gross everyone out - use your BatterFingerinstead! It's a handy silicone spatula that stirs and scrapes with ease, and makes frosting a snap. It's perfect for when you just have to try out the brownie mix. Go ahead, lick your finger!
  • Weight: 0.15 lbs
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 1 x 9.5 inches
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Made In: China
  • Designed by: Jean-Laurent Vie

“I love this little spatula. It totally brings a smile to mine (and my husband's) faces.”

5-Star Amazon review for BatterFinger

“This small finger size spatula can reach into bottles, swipe the tops of cupcakes and provide a smile while doing it!”

5-Star Rachel Ray Store review for BatterFinger