ROMAN CANDLES Birthday Candles

party like it's MCMXCIX

Friends, Romans, celebrants - lend me your ears. Are you sick of counting all those passing years the conventional way? Slow the chariot down and start counting the Roman way! Roman Candles are easy and fun, and doesn't L look a lot better than 50? We've packed 8 silver-trimmed candles in each set (good for ages 1 to 89) as well as a crash course in Roman numerology. Clear peggable, recyclable PET-G display boxes.

  • Weight: 0.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 1 x 3.25 inches
  • Material: Paraffin Wax
  • Made In: China
  • Designed by: Carl Mitsch-FRED Studio

“It's rare that the birthday cake candles get rave reviews, but that's exactly what happened at my brother's 32nd birthday party. The Roman Candles are fun and different, and a very cool metallic silver color that goes really well with cakes that don't have cartoon characters on them. Bonus that you don't get with other sets of candles - the right numerals are left for my mom's 61st birthday this year as well. Think how many boxes of regular birthday candles a box of Roman Candles replaces!”

5-Star Amazon review for Roman Candles

“I got 3 packs of these for a 61st birthday but it turned out we only needed one. L X I and there were lots left over. Like someone else said, the package goes up to 89, so you only need more than one box if the birthday person is older than 89 or if you want to have the age multiple times on the cake.”

5-Star Amazon review for Roman Candles

“C'mon, this is ridiculously clever!!! The most unique thing for a birthday cake since...”

5-Star Amazon review for Roman Candles